Restorative & Yin Yoga                                   Yoga on the Ball                                        Foot Reflexology                                                              Yoga for Seniors

Yoga on the Ball is a 45-minute experience in balancing and toning the body, all while sitting or lying on top of an exercise ball.  This allows for deeper-than-normal yoga stretches targeting specific areas of muscles.

Restorative postures are done on the floor, using yoga props, to allow for a longer-held, deeper stretch as the body relaxes on the props, helping us remain in the postures longer as stress drains away.


Yin yoga involves longer-held stretches done on the floor, to reach the connective tissue as well as the muscles, resulting in a deeper stretch. In hot weather, it is a cool way to receive the benefits of a yoga practice without overheating the body.  

Yoga for Seniors & People with Osteoporosis - helps strengthen bones, improve balance, and increase flexibility in order to prevent falls and fractures.  Hand weights, chairs & the wall are used to practice safely and comfortably.